About Us

Who are we?
The Washington County Title I Parent Resource Center (Kidz Place) is a part of Washington County Public Schools federal programs. The center has materials to suit the needs of preschool through grade five. Our goal through the center is to work with parents to give our students, present and future, the greatest opportunity for success in the early years of school. For some students, more time and help are needed to develop strong academic skills. The Parent Resource Center has hundreds of instructional tools available for parents to work with their children at home to provide that extra boost to school achievement.

A certified teacher and assistant on staff at the Parent Resource Center will assist you in finding those materials that are just right for meeting your child's learning needs, and they will provide you with training in the use of those materials.

What is Title I? 
Title I is a federally funded program that provides assistance to children in the development of basic skills. The primary focus of the Title I programs in Washington County is early intervention.