Parental Involvement

It is the goal of all Washington County Schools to involve parents in the educational process with their children.  High-quality education cannot exist without parental involvement. In schools with high levels of parental involvement, the achievement and success of all students in the school improves. (Carey, Lewis & Farris 1998)

The Washington County School Board and the Parent Advisory Council have worked together to approve the Title I Parental Involvement Policy.  This Policy outlines the ways that we will work collaboratively as a community to ensure that all children receive the world's best education.  Beyond the County Parental Involvement Policy, each Title I school also developed, with the input of the Parent Advisory Committee, its own schoolwide Parental Involvement Policy.  To view your school's policy, click on the links below.

Washington County Parental Involvement Policy - PDF Format
Abingdon Elementary  - PDF Format
Greendale Elementary - PDF Format
High Point Elementary - PDF Format
Meadowview Elementary - PDF Format
Rhea Valley Elementary - PDF Format
Valley Institute Elementary - PDF Format

Washington County also has a similar policy for all Non Title I schools.  To view this policy, click here.